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London Themed Global Cuisine Restaurant in Pune - 11 East Street Cafe

About Us

About Us

Started on the 12th December, 2007, 11 East Street Café is a vibrant, all day dining, London-themed restaurant. At over 6000 sq.ft., it is truly 'full of life!'. With a seating capacity of 120 people, the restaurant offers a food and liquor menu like none other, while doing more than 2 turnovers every single day. The restaurant is divided into three sections: Red Bus is an actual double-decker bus parked right at the entrance of the restaurant, and serves as the bakery and confectionery. Right from the onset, it has received tremendous attention from the young and old alike, and continues to be a prominent landmark in Pune, famous for its unforgettably delicious desserts. The mezzanine floor of the restaurant is a Moroccan themed terrace-balcony that is open to the sky. It offers lounge seating and additionally 4 private dining areas, 'The Shamianas', that are perpetually in demand and booked throughout the year. The London Street has been designed to give the guests a genuine feeling of sitting and relaxing at a street in London, replete with its architecture and style. With a variety of cuisines and one of the most creatively designed and executed restaurants, 11 East Street Café has managed to transform the entire restaurant experience into a bonafide brand and is unarguably one of the most happening and coolest places in town!

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